Jackpot Online Slots Guide 2021

Slot machines are a real game of chance, as a player has no influence on the outcome of a round. Nevertheless, the blinking boxes, which also like to make music, are perceived in an almost uncanny abundance. The payout ratio of today’s slot machines is between 92 and 95 percent. Especially with the so-called slot machine jackpots, winning amounts are sometimes waiting for a lucky player who can change a whole life.

What are the different jackpot types for slot machines?

Both in real casinos and in online casinos there are two different types of slot machine jackpots. On the one hand there are the so-called “in-game jackpots”, which always apply. These jackpots only increase conditionally from round to round, but are set as the maximum win for one game. An example would be the game “Book of Ra”, in which the highest win can be won with five explorers. The in-game jackpot is then the fixed winning amount that is possible for the best picture on the reels of a slot machine.
Then there are the so-called progressive jackpots. These jackpots are often even more popular with players and are therefore perceived even more often. A progressive jackpot can apply to a game, slot machine, or selection of slot machines. Progressive jackpots are calculated per game today. Every player who plays the jackpot slot on one of the slot machines in the casino or in the online casino contributes to the progressive jackpot slowly increasing. Every time a round is lost, a part goes into the jackpot to be won, which is eventually won by a lucky bet. The winnings are not limited here, so that there can be winnings of over one million euros.

Cracked jackpots in online casinos

While the stories from real casinos become very well known, there is a certain anonymity on the Internet. Many players use a username, which is usually freely selectable, making it difficult to attribute the big winnings to certain people. At least some small approaches to history have become known in recent years, which come from lucky guys from online casinos. A small entrepreneur from Greece fulfilled his dream of becoming a millionaire with a game in the online casino. He is said to have won the largest online jackpot ever paid out. It was in May 2009 when the history of the Greek became known. He had played a few rounds at the River Belle online casino and tried out the Mega Moolah jackpot slot among other things. There were only a few laps that evening, which he completed and then it happened. All reels showed the same winning symbol and a large amount was on the computer display. He had won almost 6.4 million euros by participating in online jackpot slots. The game was supposed to change his life.
Nowadays you can take part in jackpot slots in almost every online casino and so new profits of even millions of euros occur almost daily in online casinos. However, none of the profits have so far exceeded the Greek small business owner. For example, in February 2013 a certain S. Riddle had made millions in the casino. “The Dark Knight Slot” was his favorite slot machine, in which he had often made small winnings. Converted from British to Euro, Batman had given him a profit of EUR 2.54 million that evening.

Are there slot machine strategies or tricks that can be used in slot games?

You should always be aware that online fraud is not an option. That’s why I’ve put together a list of beginner tips for playing real money slots that will help you get started. This way you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and look forward to a smooth start.

What are the best jackpot slots to play?

After I have dealt very intensively with the various slot machine jackpots , I noticed some special titles. Mega Moolah from Microgaming is particularly popular. This slot is available in almost every online casino and is a must for every slot enthusiast. But NetEnt can also convince with its progressive jackpot slots like Mega Fortune.

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