Mega Fortune Slot

Who has not heard of perhaps the most famous online slot machine, Mega Fortune? This is the first slot machine at any online casino that entered the Guinness Book of Records with a payout of a fantastic 17.8 million euros in 2012. Now there are several who have exceeded that amount since then, but Mega Fortune has features and functions when it comes to the jackpot that very few other slot machines have. It is one of the largest and most well-known game developers on the market, NetEnt, which has developed and delivered this incredible slot machine to just about every online casino on the market.

The first impression of this vending machine will be characterized by luxury and well-being, success, wealth and fame. We return to this under theme and design. The slot machine has four levels to play on, but you do not necessarily have to risk the maximum to have the opportunity for big wins. Mega Fortune is one of the most played slot machines on the web, and it probably has its background in both the design, the music and the sounds together with the luxurious symbols that characterize the screen – and not least the slot machine’s many cool features that make it very entertaining. There is no doubt that Mega Fortune has been and is a success.

Paylines and deposits

Mega Fortune has five reels spread over three rows that total a maximum of 25 paylines. The paylines extend from right to left and vice versa. You can play on four levels, from one to four where we recommend level four to get the most out of the paylines. You can decide the bet yourself and adjust it with a coin value from 0.10 and up to 5 per spin. In other words, you do not have to rob the bank to experience the machine’s successful functions. Maximum bet means 500 coins per spin. When we tested the machine, we played at level four with a coin value of 0.20.

Theme and design

If you can imagine that you have put on the finest tuxedo you have and visit the city’s finest casino, you are well on your way to bringing out the feeling of the surroundings around Mega Fortune. You can glimpse the harbor and the contours of a metropolis in the background, accompanied to the music by the casino bar’s jazz-inspired pianist. On the five reels you can see everything that has to do with glamor, with symbols in the form of precious watches, the finest cognac, high cigar lead and dollar bills in the banknote press, not to mention the limousines that await. The wild and scatter symbols are also precious, with luxury yachts and champagne flooding in, respectively.

The bonus features on Mega Fortune

There are exciting bonus features on Mega Fortune, and the most exciting is of course the wheel of fortune – the symbol that can lead you to the jackpot game on the slot machine. If you get three of the wheel of fortune on the screen, you will be taken to the game which will luckily take you in for a million payout. But you can also win big through the other two features. The Wild symbol, in the form of a luxury yacht, replaces all ordinary symbols. The scatter symbol, the champagne bottle, became our favorite. If you get two of your double winnings, and if you get three, you can choose one of them and get a certain number of free spins and an extra multiplier that leads to nice wins.


Firstly, NetEnt has created the most superb online slot machine with the theme of wealth and fame. The slot machine has a wonderful atmosphere with the music and sounds, and not least all the beautiful symbols. The jackpot is always something few people dare to dream of. The bonus game with the wheel of fortune is insanely exciting. The wild symbol often pays, if not the largest. The scatter symbol, the champagne bottle, which can give you both many free spins and a wonderful multiplier is ingenious. We won quite a lot in every single free round which also gave several free spins. We simply have great difficulty finding something negative.


What disadvantages should we find when playing one of the most entertaining slot machines online? We can mention that after a while, because you will play for a long time, we get a little bored of this bar pianist and experience him as a bit monotonous. Of course, it is difficult to get the wheel of fortune often, and extremely difficult to get within the first link in the wheel of fortune once you are there. The minimum prize is quite small compared to the big jackpots. We could have imagined even a little more action once we won some bigger wins, and more of the symbols could have been animated for more entertainment.


We fell in love with Mega Fortune, and do not quite understand why it has followers. The original is fun, entertaining, unbearably exciting and oozes a luxury we could all imagine. The idea behind how to get to the jackpot opportunity is also ingenious. We liked the wild symbols because it often pays out, but the scatter symbol is absolutely superb and gives even bigger payouts, with more free spins and multiplier. 25 paylines that run from both sides provide a lot of fun, and when we conclude the entertainment value with the atmosphere and features along the way, we think you, like us, will spend a few hours at the lever here!

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