Mobile Gaming 2022

In the early days of online casinos, the notion of mobile gaming wasn’t even a consideration. While the online casino industry was booming in the mid-2000’s, technology was not advanced enough to even think of offering a mobile product.
With the advent of smartphones that featured high-quality colour graphics, internet connectivity, wireless functionality and technological advancements that fast made mobile casinos a reality. Today mobile gaming is the preferred method of play amongst many casino players.
Here we discuss the various changes that we’ve seen over the years and why players love mobile casinos more than ever.

The transition from PC to Mobile is integrated and seamless

If you usually play casinos on your Mac, PC or laptop you may be a little apprehensive about playing on your mobile or tablet. Rest assured though that the quality of your gameplay will not be compromised and other than the difference in screen size you will hardly notice the difference from one medium to the other. Graphics are in line with what you are used to when playing on a PC and gameplay remains smooth and flawless. All functionality is included so you won’t miss out on a thing.

You can play on a variety of devices

In the past, any attempt at mobile gaming launches was hindered by the lack of compatibility of the platforms with various devices. So you could play if you owned an iPhone or iPad, but not if you had an Android device, or vice versa. This meant that mobile casinos were restricted to only a small few. Nowadays though, more casinos are offering apps that are compatible with numerous devices across product brands, so you can enjoy gambling on your Android, Apple, Samsung or Windows phone or tablet.

The casino games selection has grown

At the inception of mobile casinos, casino games offerings were rather limited with most casinos only offering one or two table games and a handful of mobile slots. This was no comparison to their traditional PC platforms where players could enjoy hundreds of games.
Over the years though, casinos have begun to transition their entire games portfolios to their mobile portfolios and as such you have way more selection than ever before with new releases being launched regularly.

Larger Jackpots

In the past players who were looking for large jackpot payouts generally avoided mobile platforms as the games on offer had smaller prize pools which translated into lower progressive jackpot payouts. Thankfully this is no longer the case and as more and more players play on their mobiles, jackpot prizes are on the rise, often paying out in the multi-millions.
As you can see, mobile gambling has played a prominent role in The development and history of online casinos and with the rapid progress it is making we’re sure to see even more growth and advancements in future.

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