Casino Holdem Online Guide

As a player you get two cards on the hand that will be combined with five open cards on the table . In conventional Texas Hold’em, you play against both the dealer and other players. Everyone can put money in the pot and best hand wins. Many believe that card games are a game of chance and that previous knowledge, skill and experience do not matter. Looking at the final table of the WSOP (World Series of Poker) every year, it becomes clear that reality looks a little different. It is often the same faces around the table. If you look at the list of recent decades winners, you will also be aware of a pattern. It’s not just about luck, but Texas Hold’em is a game based on odds and elaborate tactics. To win you have to read your opponents and apply qualified chasing while keeping your head cool.

Hold’em with a twist

Casino Hold’em is a variant of the immensely popular card game Texas Hold’em. With two cards on the hand, and five open cards on the table, you as the player should create the best five card hand. You only play against the dealer / dealer and any winnings are based on your winning hand. Before we proceed, we need to sort out some concepts. For the fierce poker player there will be some repetition, but given that Casino Hold’em differs slightly from the classic variant, it can be good for all players who want to test their luck, to learn a little more about the new design.

Video guide for Casino Hold’em

Along with the live casino-focused online casino Codeta , we can now present a video guide of 3 minutes and 2 seconds on how to play Casino Hold’em. You have long been able to play against other players online but now there is also the possibility to remove other opponents from the equation and play only against the house. In connection with the game taking place in the online casino’s catalog, more and more players have got their eyes on the developed variant of the classic. The game has been revolutionized slightly and you no longer play against other players, but only against the dealer. New features in the form of bonus games have been added and although this new type of game does not fit all players, the sport has taken a step into the public home. In the following text, we intend to sort out various concepts and rules and give you as a clear picture of what Casino Hold’em means.

Tips and strategies

If you ask new users, Casino Hold’em is often perceived as random because there are no simple strategies such as for example. Blackjack. The lack of opponents who can read and deceive, makes the game a little less dynamic. However, a van poker player will immediately see the same likelihood that exists in conventional Texas Hold’em, thereby optimizing their game accordingly. A player who wants to succeed in Casino Hold’em is advised to read about the odds of conventional Texas Hold’em and play for free to gain hands-on experience of how the odds emerge. There are lots of literature around poker and poker odds and for the studied player it is almost not about luck, but the ability to figure out and play after the odds.

The game also often has a side game with a jackpot to win, AA bonus described above. This side game pays on the basis of the player’s two hole cards and the cards that fall on the flop. Generally, it is not worth playing on this side game. The house’s rules and winnings can vary from casino to casino, but the exact statistic of the house in Casino Hold’em is usually between 2 and 2.5%. This makes it a statistically poorer choice than for example Blackjack, but a clearly better choice than, for example, Caribbean Stud Poker (5.3%) and Roulette (2.7 – 5.26%). To maximize your winning chances, you should play the same way as you would when playing conventional Texas Hold’em. You should play a majority of hands in which only 18% of hands will be placed on the flop to maximize the winnings.

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