Online Casino Bonus Guide 2023

Why are casino bonuses so popular? A casino bonus is a nice reward that gives you a little more to play for. On your first game round, you simply get the opportunity to try out more lucrative slots and casino games. Your casino bonus is usually activated by your first deposit and gives you extra bonus money or spins on the account. At some casinos you actually get both free spins and a bonus on the same deposit! So there are a lot of variations of casino bonuses and a lot to keep track of. has therefore created this bonus page where you get tips on casinos that offer Swedish bonuses when they are at their best! Read on to get full control of online casino bonuses!

A casino bonus gives you more value for money

At a land-based casino, you never get extra money to play for when you pass the front doors. Rather, you have to pay admission to enter the casino. An advantage of playing at an  online casino is that you can get a bonus there when you become a new member. By participating in a casino bonus, you get extra bonus money and thus more to play for. You get a completely different opportunity to explore the games at an online casino . We should also not forget that you get more great winning opportunities with your bonus. Your new casino adventure simply gets added value when you choose to take them off a casino bonus.
In our top list you will find the very best bonuses right now. We constantly update the get list for casino bonuses and monitor changes from the casino’s side when it comes to their casino bonus. Of course, all our listed casinos have a Swedish gaming license – for your safety.
A casino bonus often gives you twice as much to play for. Sometimes you can find a casino bonus that triples your deposit and with low and reasonable wagering requirements.
Hot tips from us
Are you also hungry for a great bonus? Then you have really come to the right place. Which casino bonuses are really the best and are there any hot tips? There are lots of really good bonuses out there and we at lead you right. The thing with a casino bonus is that it means that you as a new member will get more to play for. Casino bonuses allow you to explore the casino and its new games properly. We have put together a list of tips for what we think you know about casino bonuses when choosing a new online gaming site.
Bonus Tip 1: Casino Bonus without turnover – is always just as popular with players. Through our top list, you can easily find turnover-free bonuses. In the list, you see immediately if the bonus does not need to be wagered. We mark these bonuses with the text “No turnover” so you can find them immediately. Casino bonus without turnover is clearly something you should look for and choose first when you play.
Bonus Tip 2 : Choose a bonus with a low wagering requirement . Offering lower wagering requirements has become a competitive advantage for Swedish casinos. A casino bonus with lower wagering requirements will be easier for you to play through. Today, it is quite common to lower the wagering requirement to make the bonus more attractive.
Bonus tip 3: Combination bonuses where you get both bonus money and spins are extra fun. You get things on the same deposit – an extra good value for money. You will also find these wonderful bonuses in our top list. Such a casino bonus can give you up to SEK 1,000 and 20 free spins to start your first game round with. An added value when it comes to casino bonuses that are well worth looking for.
Bonus Tip 4: Do you also love spins? Then we can tell you that there are welcome bonuses that only give spins or really many extra spins. At some casinos, you can also choose from several different slots to play the spins with. This is clearly a casino bonus for you who prefer many spins, but perhaps also in combination with a regular casino bonus that matches a certain percentage of your deposit.
Now we have gone through some valuable advice when it comes to various casino bonuses that you will come across. Perhaps one of these casino bonus options is more suitable for you and your gambler. Once you have chosen a bonus that you think seems good, first take a closer look at exactly what applies. In the case of a casino bonus of the “turnover-free bonus” type, find out what is required and when you get access to your bonus money. Terms and conditions for casino bonuses can feel a bit boring to read through. We still recommend that you always make it a habit to do so before making your deposit. Also remember to check the minimum deposit to take advantage of the bonus and the validity period. When you play with your bonus, look at which games and slots you are betting on. Normally, a casino bonus always works well on regular slots.

How do I play with casino bonus online?

First of all, keep in mind that casino bonuses may be intended for a particular type of game. There are variants of casino bonuses that only apply to live dealer games. The standard welcome bonus usually only works on slots and scratch cards. Many times, live casino games and table games are the exception when it comes to casino bonuses and turnover. At some casinos you can choose your bonus yourself. A perfect opportunity for you to base your choice of casino bonus on the type of game you like. When it comes to jackpot games, you are usually not able to play for bonus money on these, but feel free to check out the rules for caino bonuses, as it can vary.
Tip! Be sure to check the terms, so that you do not play and think that the bonus applies to a certain type of slot and then it turns out that this is not the case. Even if your casino bonus applies to slots, it may be exempt from certain specified games. By being careful when choosing – you get to play with a casino bonus that is ultimate for you.

What does a typical casino bonus look like?

Taking part in a casino bonus always feels nice and it also gives a little longer playing time. Online, there are many different types of bonuses. It is quite common today with a casino bonus specifically designed for live casino. The most common is of course a regular casino bonus together odds bonus that is intended for sports.
However, it is not only the use of different games that distinguishes casino bonuses, but they can be designed in different ways purely mathematically. The most common is that you get a casino bonus that matches your first deposit. This type of bonus is common as a welcome bonus and is then always stated in percentage. (eg 100%).
Another common variant of casino bonus is the one that combines bonus and spins. Here you get a certain amount in “casino bonus money” and a number of spins on the same deposit. This variant of casino bonus is an attractive offer for you who want to try a new casino. Remember to always look at the terms and conditions of the casino bonus you want to participate in. The wagering requirement may differ and vary depending on whether it is a bonus or a spin.

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